MIAMI, FL, (2016)—O2Amp launched the company’s Oxy-Iso lenses to help the red/green colorblind see vibrant color. Initially rolled out in a Sport frame, the company recently added a more fashionable look to the eyewear’s line-up of frames and lenses that can be purchased at Amazon.


For those who are more fashion forward, the lenses, created by the lab behind the discovery on the origins of color vision (scientists Tim Barber and Mark Changizi), can now be purchased in several styles. The AviatorPro Frame and AviatorPro Frame Mirrored are designed in the classic aviator shape and the Slipstream and Slipstream Mirrored give a more square natural glass look. Clip on lenses are also available and can be purchased and sent to opticians to be cut into any shape. These new styles range in price and are all currently available for sale via Amazon.

“We wanted to offer our customers different looks and styles so there are more options for those who are impacted by colorblindness,” said Changizi. “We are also excited to offer clip on lenses and uncut lenses so that our customers can order lenses and take them to their own optician for a customized option. Our discovery and purpose in the manufacturing of these lenses is all about supporting freedom so those who want and need to see better can – and can look good doing it.”

To read customer reviews of how the Oxy-Iso glasses work, go to Amazon’s review page.

With these new lines of lenses, O2Amp is also launching a wholesale line targeting opticians who are interested in reselling their lenses to their own network of colorblind customers. For more information, visit and fill-in the contact page.


O2Amp was created by 2AI Labs scientists Tim Barber and Mark Changizi, the latter who found in 2006 the reason why we evolved color vision, which is to see blood under the skin in order to sense emotions and health. This discovery helped people understand that color vision allows us to “read” fellow humans better by seeing into their underlying physiological state and led to the design of glasses that enhance and correct colorblindness using patented technology. To learn more, visit

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