When you think of German engineering your mind might immediately recount automobile companies such a Merdeces Benz and BMW.  There is a stigma about what it means to be German engineer: precise, efficient, and luxurious.  These beautifully sculpted spectacles by OVVO Optics can certainly make similar claims.


As part of the Avante-Garde Eyewear collection, these red spiral eyeglasses are the perfect representation of the marriage between innovation and style.  Don’t be warded off by the elaborate design of the stunning Style 2015 frames; weighing in at only 6 ounces they are extremely light weight.


There’s no better way to make waves than with these durable and highly stylish fuchsia and silver toned Style 2017 glasses.  The curvy feminine flair of these frames is quite apparent, but be it known that fused surgical steel and titanium that compose them make them tougher than nails.


The laser cut look of Style 2045 is a true masterpiece.  This wrap around style plays with positive and negative space while the fan design embellished with Swarvoski crystals pays homage to the advent of luxury while remaining strong and functional.


It’s nice to see a unisex pair of frames in this Avante-Garde collection.  The black and silver tone can easily integrate into to ready to wear fashion, and just like its counter parts, Style 2005 is hypoallergenic and screw free hinges.  Time to say “Aufiderzein” to heavy frames and slip into any of these stunning OVVO eyeglasses.

Via OVVO Optics