OVVO- Butterfly

A new line to the USA came to our attention at Vision Expo East called OVVO Optics (OVVOoptics.com) The eyewear was definitley a show stopper and loved it. OVVO Optics has been around since 1980’s. Their story from the website.

The story of OVVO Optics reaches back to the Cold War. After many years of research, a group of European scientists developed technology to fuse titanium with surgical steel. The resulting material was extremely light, durable and flexible and was meant to be used in spacecraft technology.


In 1980, the invention inspired the founders of OVVO to use the material in the production of their first metal sunglasses. In an effort to achieve the highest standards of quality, raw steel sheets were brought from Sweden and anti-reflective, high-vacuum metallization coated lenses were imported from Italy. OVVO relied on German engineering for laser precision cuts and the final assembly was completed in Poland. The resulting frames weighed only 0.75 ounces. and proved to be practically indestructible, making them an ideal solution for athletes and active individuals.

In 2000, the company introduced its patented screw-free hinge technology. Because of this extreme malleability and lightness, OVVO quickly gained popularity in the European market. Prestigious Italian Institute, Certottica, certified OVVO as the only European brand featuring anti-allergic frames. Today the frames are still handmade in Germany and Poland with great attention to detail and fashion.

OVVO’s technology also allows for the creation of endless design possibilities. With 3,000 designs already produced, the most recent collection ranges from classic aviator, cat glasses and oversized frames to rare and cutting-edge styles popular among European celebrities and fashion designers, including models hand-decorated with Swarovski crystals.

For us, we love the lightweight, but even more so, we love the styling and the delicious colors. Below is part of their what I would call Garden Collection, Lasered cut eyewear in flowering shapes that go right along with the butterfly.

OVVO Peoney
OVVO Daisy
OVVO- Tulip