ORA has updated their new smart glasses and are raising funding via Kickstarter. They are looking to raise $100,000. ORA features hands free augmented reality, navigation, video conferencing, photography and much more.

Here is what they say: We, at Optinvent, are a start-up and certainly can’t compete on marketing buzz or industrial design with behemoths like Google, Sony, or Epson. However, we are a bunch of highly skilled and experienced engineers in the field of optics with more than 20 years of experience behind us. We’ve been working on the core technology since 2008, before any of the other guys even dreamt of Smart Glases!  Since then, we’ve managed to develop patented technologies that are orders of magnitude more advanced in many respects; from screen size, to brightness, to power consumption. These technologies are patented, they are proven, and they work. We now want to implement these technologies into our first products.

If you are interested in more information, visit Kickstarter here.