Group Reviews Summit Goals, Initiatives and Outlines Next Steps

Alexandria, VA (June 15, 2012) – On June 3, the newly formed Opticianry Summit Steward Team, conducted their first in-person meeting to outline their purpose statement and clarify the goals and next steps for the various high-level initiatives outlined during May’s Opticianry Summit in Fairfax, Va. Steward Team members are: Tom Barracato, LDO, FNAO; Ed DeGennaro, MEd, ABOM, LDO; Dianna Finisecy, ABOM, FNAO; Robert Flippin, LDO; John Girdler, LDO, ABOC, NCLEC; Tom Hicks, ABOC, LDO, HFOAA; Doug Pelkey, ABO-AC, NCLEC, LDO; Sam Morgenstern, FNAO; and Wesley Scott, MBA, LDO, ABOM, NCLE-AC.

“During the summit, a series of high level initiatives were agreed to by attendees as critical to propelling opticianry forward,” said Ed DeGennaro, Chair, Steward Team. “During this first Steward Team meeting, we rolled up our sleeves and worked diligently to clarify and outline the next steps for the various initiatives.”

The Steward Team meeting outcomes follow:

  • National Education Standards, Licensing, Accreditation & Certification

A group of volunteers are working on a plan to define an educational minimum (technical and practical) required for certification and licensure nationwide. The Steward Team will collaborate with team members to identify a timeline and provide more clarification (including a plan for a study that correlates outcome metrics to certification and education requirements) to the project plan by June 25, 2012.

  • Branding

Volunteers are researching the definitions for opticianry that are already in existence with the various states, as well as other definitions related to the field of opticianry. Upon review, the group will recommend a new (or existing) definition for the Steward Team to review and adopt by June 25, 2012.

  • Healthcare

Volunteers are working to write a purpose statement for the Healthcare initiative so that it is more reflective of general healthcare and managed care, and has less emphasis on health care reform. This is to be provided to the Steward Team for review by July 2, 2012.

  •  Collaboration

Recognizing that there are many state and national organizations representing the various facets within opticianry, the group of volunteers charged with handling a new Collaboration initiative will work to establish a forum, during which the leadership of the various groups can join together to discuss the goals of the summit. Group members are encouraged to share information about their key initiatives and programs to allow collaboration where possible and decrease duplication in efforts among organizations. The first forum event will be held by the end of this calendar year.

The working groups will continue to advance their agendas by developing timelines and budgets and the Steward Team will meet via conference call at the end of each month. The next in-person meeting for the Steward Team will be held on August 27, 2012. An agenda for the meeting will be posted to the summit’s website by August 20 and updates from that meeting will be available shortly afterwards.

For more information about the Steward Team and their efforts surrounding the future of opticianry, visit