The Opticians Association of America (OAA) is off to a fantastic start this year. OAA recently held its 25th Annual State Leadership Conference, which was considered by many to be the most productive conference in 25 years. Our membership continues to grow as more and more opticians and optical dispensaries are seeing the value in belonging to a national organization that represents them on many different levels.

With the continued expansion of our membership in mind, it is with great excitement that the Opticians Association of America announces that three additional State Associations have joined OAA as members for 2010. The Certified Opticians Association of Texas, the Opticians Association of Indiana and the Opticians Association of Virginia have all recently joined the other 20 Member State Associations as a part of the OAA family.

It is important to understand that state members and OAA form a powerful team, each contributing to the strength and well-being of the other. In concert with all of the member States, OAA is able to offer valuable resources and information that benefit our entire industry. Each State Association brings something different to the group, which is what makes our member States so valuable to future of opticianry.

If your State Association is not a member of OAA, please consider joining. We are confident that everyone can agree that there is a need for a strong national organization and OAA hopes your State Association will join us in our efforts to build a brighter future for opticians everywhere. It is only through unity and the combining our abilities that we will continue to grow and strengthen as an industry. Your membership, fellow opticians from around the country and future generations will thank you.