(New Jersey)  Dr Daniel Goldberg, one of New Jersey’s foremost laser vision and corneal transplant surgeons, has successfully restored vision in the right eye of a NJ woman who was afflicted by a severe case of glaucoma. Dr Daniel Goldberg utilized a rare procedure to restore her sight.

Dr Goldberg had to apply for and receive special clearance from the FDA to perform a rare corrective surgery using a custom designed Aniridia lens implant. The Aniridia lens is only approved by the FDA for compassionate use, and is reserved for trauma surgeries where damage to the iris is so severe, traditional methods of corrective surgeries can not be considered.

According to Dr Goldberg, the patient suffered from malignant glaucoma in her right eye, which caused damage to her iris and rendered her legally blind in that eye. To correct her vision, Goldberg implanted the custom designed Aniridia Lens and performed a corneal transplant. The surgery was a remarkable success, and the patient has since had vision restored to her right eye.

Dr Goldberg is one of a handful of eye surgeons who are skilled in implanting a custom designed Aniridia Lens. Goldberg says that most doctors will never use this technique in their practice because of the process involved to gain clearance and the rarity of such severe eye diseases. As an experienced corneal transplant surgeon, Dr Goldberg has extensive experience in rehabilitating desperately damaged eyes and was confident he could help her. “Nothing else would have worked for her, and I knew we could greatly improve her vision with this procedure,” said Goldberg.

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