Ogi Eyewear goes against the grain to deliver a fresh, innovative new series in perfect timing for the back to nature trend today.

The Straight-Grain series from OGI combines distressed elements of nature with modern industrial accents to create truly original eyewear. Inspired by the subtle layers of a Northwood’s conifer, each style gives the feeling of rustic craftsmanship while staying in-tune with the latest shapes in contemporary fashion. The Straight-Grain series beautifully juxtaposes soft sweeping curves and diligently placed metal inserts with an aggressively brushed matte finish. This inventive finishing technique allows no two models in the series to look identical. The rich earth-toned color palette compliments the collection while adding an additional element of uniqueness.

Inspired by the vintage woody beach station wagons of the 1950’s, the latest addition to the straight-grain series is the 7139. Soft curves and deep hues give this model its uniqueness and long lasting appeal.

Style 7139
Styel 7134

A Rustic woodwork meeting classic Aviator Style 8046 takes the vintage and combines with the look of driftwood will be available soon. 3 Shapes, 3 looks for complete fashion textured eyewear appeal.

Style 8046 In Classic Aviator