The new POC Sunglass collection provides pure performance for Gravity Sports and everyday life.

PARMA – POC recently launched their new sunglass collection featuring NXT lenses in every style. Based in Sweden, POC designs, engineers and markets personal protective gear – including eyewear – for alpine skiers and riders internationally. With a strong focus on R&D and medical aspects, POC’s mission is to revolutionize the degree of protection in alpine protective gear and thereby prevent injuries and save lives.

“Due to our strong mission, when we develop a product, we do it in the spirit of doing the best,” says Stefan Ytterborn, CEO POC. “We never compromise in choosing materials or construction if that means compromising safety, quality or performance. When it comes to sunglasses, the most vital part is the lens. For this reason, we selected NXT lenses to be featured in all POC sunglass models”.

All POC sunglasses feature NXt lenses which offer extreme impact, temperature and chemical resistance, together with superior optical performance compared to the existing technologies.

Depending on the intended purpose, customers can select from three levels of POC NXt lenses:

  • Level 01 – Basic fixed tint
  • Level 02 – High Contrast Definition (HCD) or Polarized filter
  • Level 03 – Photochromic technology combined with HCD technology and/or Polarized filter

In addition, all POC’s NXT  lenses are equipped with state-of-the-art anti-scratch, oleophobic, anti-reflective and hydrophobic coatings in order to protect them from scratches, smudges and distortion from water drops, all with the aim to provide the best optics possible.

POC Eye Did in Orange

POC created 4 sunglass collections based on NXT® lens technology: Eye Am, Eye Was, Eye Do,Eye Did.

  • AM: Developed for activities where comfort and protection are crucial, whether ski touring on a glacier or being exposed to strong sunlight on or around water, or simply hanging out in the park on a sunny day. These frames have a defined curve that adapts to each individual face, further enhances the level of UV protection and reduces glare. The POC NXT® lenses come with a wide range of properties, for every need and situation.
  • WAS: The perfect combo for activities or for just hanging out. These frames are made of high quality layered acetate and are processed by hand. The POC NXT® lenses come in different tints and functions in their virtually unbreakable and optically superior polymer.
  • DO: High performance frames and lenses for serious actions. The Do is an optical instrument that is designed for precision in any situation. The combination of wrapped geometry, low weight and durable TR-90 Grilamid frames, Hytrel rubber for fit and comfort, together with the vast choice of superior POC NXT® lenses, makes these sunglasses the ultimate choice.
  • DID: A slim and lightweight frame in handmade acetate. The Eye Dids are a versatile model that can be used for activities or increased comfort under light conditions. The POC NXT® lenses come in different tints and functions in their virtually unbreakable and optically superior polymer.
POC Eye Was in Blue

Francesco Pellegrini, Intercast Sales & Marketing Director, comments: “We are extremely proud to partner with POC to develop sunglasses that feature the latest lens technology to provide the best products to winter sport enthusiasts and the most demanding athletes. The NXT® platform, indeed, is the most advanced technological solution available for anyone who practices outdoor activities, for their visual comfort, protection and performance. This exclusive product gives athletes and active people a new level of performance and style that can only come from leaders like Intercast and POC.”

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Going through the NXT® lens platform…At the core of every NXT® lens is Trivex® material, a next-generation polymer derived from chemistry originally developed for the US military. Amazingly lightweight Trivex® material is the perfect balance of visual and physical performance, delivering incredible durability and protection along with astonishing optical clarity. Thus, lightweight, strength, optical quality and vision wellness are the NXT® lens features of excellence that add up to uncompromised comfort and protection and prove that NXT® lenses are the very best technology for solar filtration and eye-performance currently available on the market.

NXT® lenses are designed to accomplish two goals: deliver an unbelievably rich visual experience and stand up to the physical demands of high performance enhancing experiences in all conditions. In addition, every NXT® lens is powered by Light Translation Technology, an incredible combination of revolutionary material and light-control techniques that allows for ultimate satisfaction of customers’ needs without compromising the unrivalled ability of NXT® lenses to enhance clarity, improve detail and protect vision in all light conditions.

The contrast control is assured by a specific spectral curve, engineered to optimize transmittance across the entire light spectrum. Far more than a cosmetic characteristic, the colour of an NXT® lens is a critical component that filters light at different wavelengths to enhance the visual experience of the wearer by controlling contrast, color and definition.

The legacy of innovation of NXT® lenses is further enhanced by the development of revolutionary polarization techniques that control glare with precision and accuracy. Blinding glare is created when light is reflected off smooth, shiny surfaces such as roadways, water and snow: NXT® polarized lenses enhance the visual experience by controlling glare and allowing the wearer to cut through the visual noise and hear what light is truly saying.

Finally, to better achieve maximum performance while light conditions changes, NXT® Varia™ photochromic lenses were developed to respond to changing light conditions by adjusting the level of tint from lighter to darker. Instead of a static sun lens that’s either too dark or too light, NXT® Varia™ photochromic lenses enhance the visual experience by dynamically controlling transmittance, allowing them to translate light in any condition for maximum comfort and performance.

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POC Eyewear will be available from MODO