How many of us have lost a screw in our eyeglass temples and that handy safety pin works like a charm. Safety Pins have been used since Walter Hunt invented them in 1849 to pay off a $12 debt. At first the safety pin was used as a convenient way to hold things together particularly in clothing.

In the 1970’s punk fashion revitalized the use of the safety pins in fashion. Elizabeth Hurley wowed the world in her Versace Safety Pin dress in the Premier of Four Weddings and A Funeral in the 1990’s. The Punk movement spawned the wearing of safety pins and other piecing throughout the body.

Safety Pins in Fashion Eyewear showed up around 1990 with the Moschino Safety Pin temple.

Moschino Safety Pin Eyewear
Moschino by Persol

I am not quite sure when this vintage Versace Sunglass came out with a Safety Pin Temple. Most likely it went with his couture line of Safety Pin Clothing in the 1990s

Theo Eyewear collection for  Christoph Broich (Belgium  Fine Arts Designer) is branded by his safety pins.  Christoph Broich is also known for the ‘Moby Dick’ eyewear seen on Samantha Jones in Sex and The City -The Movie .

2004 Christoph Broich
2004 Christoph Broich

An artistic vision by H.R. Giger in 2010 made a giant pair of sunglasses.

Safety Pin Eyewear
Safety pin glasses inspired by Giger’s late 70s Illuminatus II painting (2010)


A Safety Pin Eyewear look was in Vogue Italia in 2010.

Vogue Italy
Vogue Italy

Promoted by Lady Gaga wearing a pair of Safety Pin Eyeglasses in her video, this look was inspired. (2012)

LA Times
Image LA Times 

Continuing on trend Jaesyn Burke Safety Pin Couture 2012

Jaesyn Burke Couture Eyewear
Jaesyn Burke Couture Eyewear

Safety Pins continue to show up in eyewear. Percy Lau and Sheriff and Cherry both use safety pins to accent their sunglasses.

Percy Lau Safety Pin Sunglasses 2015
Sheriff and Cherry Safety Pin Sunglasses
Sheriff and Cherry Safety Pin Sunglasses

What we do know, that safety pins are extremely handy to have around. They have saved many of us from clothing mishaps as well as lost glasses. To help celebrate National Safety Pin Day, April 10, get a pair of safety pins and pin them around your eyeglass temple for a punk look. Why Not!

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