I Want Proof is the latest eyewear creator to enter the wood sunwear biz. Although they are just beginning so not too many styles yet,  the styles are the retro- vintage classic look that are timeless in design.

The wood comes from sustainable wood sources (no FSC Certification) and as part of who they are in the eco-friendly eyewear category they give back a portion of each sale to and a large portion of each sale goes to the Aravind Eye Hospital in India providing sight-giving surgeries. In addition they are helping with reforestation programs in Haiti, whose forests were devastated.

Continuing to give back- there is even a Proof Recycling Program- Get tired of old eyewear, send it back to Proof who in turn will recycle them into other purposeful things,  meanwhile giving the recycler a discount off of new Proof Eyewear. How great is that, reusing, reducing and repurposing, how eco friendly can you get!

All I can say, it looks really good!

You can also follow them on Twitter @iwantproof or become a fan on Facebook www.facebook.com/ProofEyewear?ref=ts

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