It seems like every month an Eco Friendly Wood Eyewear is launching. A New Sustainable Wooden Eyeglass company -Capital has just launched three styles of wood eyeglasses that are handmade in the USA, even the wood is sourced from the US. Taking the sustainability step further, all packaging is from 100% recycled Cardboard.

The Lenses are polarized Carl Zeiss polycarbonate, stainless steel hinges.

Cherry Wood

Good styling, trendy and eco friendly! Kudos!


  1. Hi, I am Mel Moench and I have invented a new type of eyewear temple that avoids the area above the ear that is typically used for BTE and OTE hearing aids, writing instruments, earphones, etc. The temple design can be used for safety glasses or virtually any type of eyewear. If you are interested in purchasing manufacturing, licensing, or complete rights to the “family” of new temple designs, please email me back. I will require a signature from a company representative and I will forward a .pdf of the provisional patent application. Note that a big advantage to purchasing a provisional is that you would have the option to patent many different variations of the temples instead of just one. A glance at the application will show several embodiments/configurations that may have commercial applications. The above email inquiry began on January 31, 2015. I will be waiting to begin full patent processing until later in the summer as my provisional application just got filed last month. Thanks for your time and consideration. Oh, if your business is not a good fit, can you please forward this email to an associate that may be interested?……….Mel Moench

  2. Great topic here.
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