Freeway 405 In White With Mirrored Lenses

Freeway Eyewear a new sunglass company from Los Angeles made their debut back in the spring of 2010. For those familiar with Los Angeles, you will love this, all the frame styles are named after Freeways i.e. Style 405, Style 10, Style 15 , Style 1. I’m going to LA today and since I will be primarily on the I-5, I will wear my I-5 Sunglasses. Clever. For a new company they are in the ‘in’ places in LA, such a Barney’s Co-op and Maxfield’s. Not bad for a new company.

Alex Israel, the founder of Freeway says ‘Freeway sunglasses are made for international shipping magnates, lithe gamines, American gigolos, blonde bombshells, ladies-who-lunch, country-club tennis pros, martyred grunge rockers, post-modern architects, Bat-Mitzvah tutors, out-of-work actors, psychic friends and you; Seeing is believing’