Introducing new KODAK Lenses for Near Vision

KODAK Unique MonitorView Lenses are digitally-created backside near-variable focus lenses that assist the eyes during prolonged intermediate and near-viewing tasks. MonitorView Lens is as easy to order and fit as a standard progressive lens. With a set monitor-viewing distance of 24-inches, MonitorView simplifies lens dispensing without compromising visual performance.

KODAK Digital Progressive Lenses upgrade front-surface KODAK Progressives by adding a complex, three-dimensional back-surface design. Offered through Signetek, KODAK Digital Progressive Lenses are available in the same lens material options as their counter-part cast lenses.

  • KODAK Precise® Digital Lens
  • KODAK Precise Short Digital Lens
  • KODAK Concise® Digital Lens
  • Wavefront errors are reduced and image quality is improved in the principal viewing areas of the lens resulting in sharper vision.
  • SA Digital Design Technology allows the use of flatter base curves to improve the cosmetic appearance of the lens without sacrificing optical performance.
  • All patients will benefit from KODAK Digital Lenses with the most significant improvements offered to patients with stronger prescriptions.

DirecTek And DirecTek Short Progressive Lenses and Blue Crystal Anti-Reflective Coating

This full-backside design soft progressive comes at an affordable price for ECPs that are currently buying economy-priced cast PALs and are looking for a digital tier. The two corridor lengths will ensure patients receive the benefits of digital technology regardless of their frame selection.

Combine DirecTek with BluCrystal Anti-Reflection for the optimal package: digital technology, anti-reflection and scratch protection. BluCrystal has a one-year warranty and is available on non-KODAK Lenses.

  • DirecTek Lens: 16.5mm minimum fit height

DirecTek Short Lens: 13.5mm minimum fit height


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