Finest Seven, based in the UK  is my latest new eyewear launch. Jesse Stevens built his eyewear design career with such brands as prestigious  Prada, Oliver Goldsmith and Cutler and Gross. The name comes from the Finest Seven qualities (see below the finest seven qualities from the website:

The Components (1): Every component of the sunglasses – from the hand-stitched Spanish leather cases to the vintage gold hinges – is carefully sourced from ateliers renowned for being the forerunners in their fields.

The Lenses (2): All styles use the highly acclaimed ZEISS lenses in a selection of 3 exclusive colours. Each style is individually tested to comply with the strict requirements that working with Zeiss entails. Colours used in this collection include… All lenses have anti scratch coating on front and anti-reflective coating on backside.

Skylet® Green –Thanks to a colour curve that matches the sensitivity curve of the human eye, green lenses prevent irritating reflections from UV and near infrared rays. The eye is not exposed to excessive heating, preventing redness of the eye, eyestrain and watering.

Ultra Brown-Warm hues for eye relaxation. For people who love to drive or engage in outdoor activities, ZEISS offers a colour that significantly reduces the blue portion of the light, which is particularly hazardous to the eye and guarantees the most relaxed vision you can enjoy.

Ultra Grey-This elegant, neutral colour eliminates the contrast effect and prevents eye fatigue, even when the sunglasses are worn for long periods. Ultra Grey is excellent against water reflection and allows a perfect, faithful render of the colours around you.

The Construction Materials (3): All construction materials, such as the cellulose acetate used to create the frames, are either limited edition, custom-made or especially selected for the best quality available.

The Colour and Finish (4): By working with the creative director of the acetate producer in Italy, Jesse has developed a seasonal colour palette that is exclusive to the FINEST SEVEN collection. Each of the exclusive colours developed each season are only available in a limited edition of 100 pieces per style.

The Design (5): Design covers the fundamental job of designing the style and colour of each frame. We look at each frame in relation to each other and the overall look of the collection as a whole. The design element also relates to all the decisions made along the way that allow each frame to come to life. It is not just a matter of choosing the best elements; it is also about choosing the best combination of these elements.

The Comfort and Fit (6): A series of measurements that are ergonomic and have been specifically tested over time to fit the shape of the male and female face.

Manufacture (7): Committed to sourcing unparalleled manufacturers who maintain an ethos of innovation and beauty in all details of their products, using traditional crafting techniques as far as practically valid.

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