Matching Eyewear Retainer, Microfiber Cleaning Cloth makes for a value added package

When I first heard of Activist Eyewear, I was excited, thinking with a name like Activist, this would be another eyewear company giving back, fighting for social change, picking up trash, but no Activist Eyewear aims to sell ‘novelty’  as each one of their styles is a limited edition piece.

From Facebook: ‘Activist Eyewear speaks the language of movement, and we’re vigorous advocates for the cause. We founded this company to challenge the way things have always been done. Physically and creatively, we strive to keep the world moving forward. Our goal is nothing less than to challenge the rules, laws and norms of the establishment. For those who are looking for something truly different, we invite you to join us’

Sometimes when an eyewear designer makes up their limited edition number you wonder how did they come up with the number? With Activist Eyewear, you know, only 718 pieces are made, the 718 pieces are Brooklyn, NY area code, Brooklyn being where they are based.

Why are they different?

Ridged Nosepads

Activizm Lenses- Thin Polarized lenses, impact resistance, UV filtered, AR coated …. Quality materials include stainless steele or beta titanium. They are made in Japan.

What is a little more intriquing is the ridged nosepads meant to grip (non slide) on the nose better plus the ridging allows for air flow. Different concept and depending on the material, it could be a winner.

In addition the split temple design is mean to grip or stay on the face better and distribute the temple pressure. They are not the first to use this split temple design and I anticipate there will be more companies utilizing a split temple, whether for a comfort level or the look.

Split-Fit Temple Design for Comfort

The best part- the whole package includes a microfiber cleaning cloth and a lanyard, plus of course the case. Great package deal and something I think all companies should include into their products.

The line is small and like the concept and I hope that with a name like Activist they will be able to live up to true activism.

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter