Another new, San Francisco, California based eyewear company is continuing with the Give Back trend. Westward //Leaning is giving back 5% of net profits to ‘pioneers of tomorrow’ .

It is an interesting concept, what they are doing is inserting a ‘motif/ in every frame on the temple for visionaries or achievements.

525 Castro Achievement-The first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California wasn’t always a politician: in fact, before Harvey Milk won a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, he owned and operated a camera shop, located on 525 Castro Street in the heart of the city’s gay neighborhood. This model celebrates the life of Harvey Milk, and honors all LGBT Americans who carry on the struggle for dignity and equality.

The rainbow flag, a symbol of gay pride, has been a hallmark of the LGBT social movement since the 1970s. This model features rainbow-colored threads, woven and braided together to form an integrated sunglass strap.

Love Thy Neighbor motif goes back to Love Thy Neighbor Mexico.  Achievement; This model celebrates the beauty, culture, and rich history of our international neighbors to the south, the people of Mexico.

Love Thy Neighbor

In honor of the many contributions of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, this model features Chaquira beads, which have long been used by the Huichol people in western central Mexico to produce breathtaking beaded mosaics. Both the beads and their pattern are inspired by indigenous art made by Huichol artisans.’

Sleeping Beauty

Mercury 7 : Achievement:  Humans have always dreamt of going into space, and in 1959, NASA selected seven astronauts to do just that. Known as the Mercury Seven, this group of friends was America’s first astronauts; in 1962, a member of this elite team became the first American to orbit the Earth. His name was John Glenn, and his spacecraft was named, fittingly, Friendship 7.

This model features aluminum, which has long held a central role in human exploration of the cosmos. The Soviets used it to build Sputnik, and the Americans used it to build the tiny lunar module Eagle (which ferried the Apollo astronauts to the moon). But it was the Mercury Seven astronauts who used it to make a fashion statement: their iconic, reflective spacesuits were made from aluminum-coated nylon. 

Children of California features reclaimed Redwood from California Achievement: The children of California turned a gold rush into the world’s 8th largest economy, and gave the world the Frisbee, the hippie, the movie star and the seedless watermelon. They built the headquarters of global entertainment in their south, the hub of Information Technology in their north, and still manage to grow more agriculture than any other state on the land in between. So, yes, these are times of crisis and uncertainty, but there’s reason to believe in the children of California.