A revolutionary technology is coming for the rescue of the diabetes patients, which will alert them with its revolutionised contact lenses. This will help the patients in analysing the alterations in blood sugar level without drawing blood daily.

In the revolutionised method, the diabetes patients wearing the contact lenses will continuously be alerted with changes in their blood sugar level due to change in their colours.

This non-invasive technology has been developed by biochemical engineering professor Jin Zhang at the University of Western Ontario in Hamilton. It uses nano particles, which are sophisticatedly embedded into the hydrogel lenses. Then these engineered particles when react with glucose molecules in tears, the lenses change their colour.

Apart from that, this technique can be greatly helpful for various other applications such as food packaging, measuring pathogenic contamination etc. More research is going on to use these multi-functional nano materials in a range of disciplines.

Source: http://www.india-server.com/news/revolutionised-contact-lenses-to-alert-18044.html