Coco & Breezy “20/20” Collection from Corey Davis on Vimeo.

I don’t know how to describe  Coco and Breezy Eyewear, futuristic, fun, out of this world ala Mercura and A Morrir.  But we like and admire kids (us old people) creating and starting their own business! Lots of spikes and chains going on in the sungwear.  Good luck them!

Coco && Breezy were originally constructed on a planet called called “EARTH”. Their bodies were constructed of ,artistic ideas ,futuristic qualities and characteristics that didn’t resemble the “Normal Human Being.  During public appearances others stared and laughed at what the average human being couldn’t understand or dare to be; “DIFFERENT”.  This very difference is what made these “20/20 YEAR OLD” girls decide to build a  space ship that would soar to the other side of the universe wear DIFFERENT meets Fashion. They left “PLANET EARTH” in Year 2010 and returned 10 years later in “YEAR 2020,”

During their trip they discovered a new, unchartered “PLANET called  C && B”  “PLANET C && B” is a world that consists only of fresh air and extreme sunlight where normal eyes cannot stand to view without being covered.   On Planet C && B the aliens do not have eyes due to the extreme sunlight and have lost the ability to see the great wonders that exisit on “PLANET C && B”

C && B created “EYEWEAR” pieces to cover the eyes of both the regular and “DIFFERENT.  “20/20 Eyewear” gives a new vision to those who are blind to future of fashion design.  Do you dare to visit “PLANET C && B”?

The only thing I dislike about them is the lack of contact information on the site. While there is a dealer locator on the site, but I always feel that should at least be a phone number, makes it more legit.