NETRA: Interactive Display for Estimating Refractive Errors and Focal Range

Abstract: We introduce an interactive, portable, and inexpensive solution for estimating refractive errors in the human eye. While expensive optical devices for automatic estimation of refractive correction exist, our goal is to greatly simplify the mechanism by putting the human subject in the loop. Our solution is based on a high-resolution programmable display and combines inexpensive optical elements, interactive GUI, and computational reconstruction. The key idea is to interface a lenticular view-dependent display with the human eye at close range – a few millimeters apart. Via this platform, we create a new range of interactivity that is extremely sensitive to parameters of the human eye, such as the refractive errors, focal range, focusing speed, lens opacity, etc. We propose several simple optical setups, verify their accuracy, precision, and validate them in a user study.

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  1. When I seen this last Saturday I thought it would be great for use in the Third World. A field nurse could have this, a set of trial lenses and communication with a central lab somewhere to provide glasses and eye health care. I may need to look at doing this. 🙂

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