Anglo American Scissors Eyewear

National Hairstyle Appreciation Day is April 30. This day celebrates and honors hairstyles of all types and hairstylists who create them. We on the other hand want to appreciate eyewear designers who have created their own Scissor Shades.

The history of Eyewear actually starts out with the use of what they called Scissor Eyeglasses.  Two lenses that folded together just like scissors.

Antique Warehouse.
Eyeglass Warehouse

In the 1980’s Anglo American know for their specialty eyewear created their version of Scissor’s Eyeglasses. This is rare edition for any collector.

Anglo American Scissors Eyewear
Anglo American Scissors Eyewear Circe 1970 Available on Attic Eyewear 

Mercura also known and seen on many runways for their funky looks, adorned Elton John for a magazine shoot in Scissored Eyeglasses

Elton John wearing Mercura Scissor Eyeglasses
Elton John wearing Mercura Scissor Eyeglasses Circa 2012
On Deviant Art
On Deviant Art


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