Nathalie Fordeyn is a Parisian designer who started her own brand in 2014. Her logo is the dragonfly which seems to suit as the dragonfly symbolizes change. Personally speaking, if she is part of the fashion industry that is concerned with environmental issues, that is a great change. This is what she says on her website:

‘The minimalism and the absurd melt to give birth to authenticity, special design. The label’s key principles are comfort and quality of cloths. The founder is truly concerned by the environmental issue; all the contributor suppliers and producers respect human rights, the planet and the climate. She gives a modern vision of the fashion industry.

Nathalie-Fordeyen-Blue Marble-Sunglass

Nathalie-Fordeyen-Black Sunglasses


Nathalie Fordeyn-Tortise Sun

It is a small sunglass collection that accessorizes with her clothing. Bold yet easy to wear. We like it.