nanotechnology-betterValley View, OH – Nanofilm, a maker of specialty optical coatings and cleaners, announces the development of a unique nanotechnology-based liquid treatment for eyewear that cleans the surface, kills bacteria on contact, and retains the bactericidal property for up to five days after a single application.  The simple spray-and-wipe formula is effective on all components of the eyewear – frames, lenses and nosepads.

Nanofilm tested the efficacy of the treatment against Staphylococcus Aureus, a bacteria commonly found on the human skin.  One application was sufficient to kill 99.99% of the bacteria on initial contact and continued to kill 99.99% on contact for five days.

The antibacterial agent in the formulation is well-known and has been widely used in consumer products such as toothpaste and soap for more than 40 years.   The long-lasting effect is achieved by utilizing nano-sized carriers to deliver and deposit the antibacterial agent onto the surface.   All ingredients used in the formulation are recognized as safe to humans and the surfaces to which the liquid is applied.

“We know that bacteria can transfer and reside on a wide variety of surfaces, particularly when they come in contact with the face, and Staphylococcus Aureus is one that is commonly found on the human face,” said Dr. Krish Rao, President of Nanofilm.   “We thought it would be of interest to develop a treatment that will not only clean and sanitize the eyewear but also provide long-lasting antibacterial performance.”

Nanofilm collaborated with a partner company that is an expert in the field of bio-nanotechnology for use in drug delivery systems and consumer products. “The product as formulated is still early in its developmental cycle, but test results confirm its efficacy using only ingredients recognized as safe,” noted Dr. Rao.  “Right now we are engaged in assessing the interest in the market and building partnerships with optical companies to bring this to commercialization as quickly as possible.”

This new nanotechnology-enabled approach opens up the potential of delivering a variety of performance-enhancing ingredients to surfaces.  Nanofilm is exploring the possibility of similar anti-bacterial treatments for personal electronics like smartphones and tablets, as well as retail touchscreens like ATMs.

About Nanofilm Nanofilm, Ltd. is a Valley View, Ohio, private company that develops nano-layer coatings, nano-based cleaners, and nano-composite products.  Nanofilm’s products for the professional eyecare market center around its unique eyewear cleaning and de-fogging products.  For information about Nanofilm products, please visit