Luxurious design, magical handwork and 8.7ct diamonds is what separates this sunwear from all other eyewear.  What you see is the most expensive sunglasses in the world designed by eyewear designer, Petros Horvers ( ) in cooperation with jeweler & diamond specialist Marcel Vermeulen ( ) – both situated in The Hague/ The Netherlands.


What stands out is the incredible handwork and the precious material used to produce what is a piece of art. 18ct pink gold is used to create the frame of these glasses but what really makes them special is the setting with diamonds. The glasses are set with two special precision fantasy cut- VSF -diamonds of 3.25ct each and two exclusive brilliant-cut natural fancy pink VS diamonds of 0.5ct each. The pink diamond is one of the the most rare and valuable diamond in the world but also one of the most expensive materials that we know.  Further the front part of the frame is pavé set with 200 white VVS brilliant-cut diamonds which add up to a total weight of 8.7ct in one piece of eyewear.


The elegant and simple design makes these sunglasses a classic that never goes out of style and the precious material turns them into the finest treasure you can carry. What adds to the specialness is the fact that it is a limited edition with a maximum production of only three pieces. As for the lenses it is possible to choose from two different colors of best quality Carl Zeiss polarized sun lenses. If you are planning a gift to a special someone and willing to pay $800,000 then this would be it! There will be a proper service to your purchase with the designer visiting you at your home (any place in the world) for exact measurements.




These exquisite sunglasses will be delivered in a special handmade box where you get the possibility to choose from a wide range of materials. For more information or purchase please visit