To present its new 4 wheel-drive line Q4, Maserati has decided to meet with its clients and to appoint them for this 2014 Maserati Winter Tour – right in the heart of the French Alps. Across from passion, excellence and performance, the new Maserati Q4 line associated with the new V6 3.0l bi-turbo engine of 410ch is a true invitation to travel.
MOKO Besicles_Hermès_Partenariat Maserati_profil.jpg MOKO Besicles_Hermès_Partenariat Maserati_face.jpg

The brand MOKO Besicles is proud to equip the Maserati team during this Winter Tour 2014 with the model ‘Hermès’ in a Black mat/Blue mirror version for the frame and lenses – and shares the same values of passion, excellence and performance. Proud of its belonging to the “Made in France” products, the brand MOKO Besicles plays the sobriety of a one-piece and monochrome beautiful object adorning the face.

Breaking away from the notion of luxury which is outward looking and upfront, some individuals are seeking the kind of luxury which offers a degree of rarity, an emotional luxury, a spiritual luxury.
No matter what the consumption object is. No matter what the universe is. And this is exactly where the two brands get perfectly together.

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