Modz Kids frames put a smile on everyone’s face! Kids love them for their cool styles and vibrant colors. Parents love them for their durability and affordability, making that all so important back-up pair of glasses a viable option. Styles throughout the collection offer many color choices, youthful detailing, especially on the temples, and a variety of shapes including some that align with today’s retro styles their parents are wearing!

Colt, a unisex frame in stainless steel and zyl, is a streamlined, lightweight design with contrasting colored temple tips



Giddy Up, a retro unisex zyl frame with a wayfarer shape and metal trim.


Tattle, a unisex frame in stainless steel and double laminate zyl, has broad appeal with its classic rectangular metal fronts and two-toned temples


Ladybug, a girl’s stainless steel frame, exudes playfulness with colorful circular insets decorating the temples (available in violet, black or burgundy).


Popsicle, a girl’s triple laminate zyl frame, is her version of retro chic in a scaled down, softened wayfarer shape with delicate metal trim


Sweetie, a girl’s stainless steel frame, shows a touch of whimsy in its design with colorful polka dot graphics on texturized temples


Racer, a boy’s stainless steel frame, is perfect for the little speedster! This rectangular, boyish style features a contrasting dashed line along the temple reinforcing the racing motif



Modz Eyewear is distributed by Modern Optical International.