UK based Moat HouseEyewear is a sustainable wood eyewear company that strives not only makes eyewear from sustainable resources, they craft their eyewear all from the UK and give back.

Here is what they say: Moats are made differently to most other brands. They are hand crafted, and the only digital machine used is a laser with which to cut the wood. The sunglasses are cross-laminated with high quality hardwoods which are sourced responsibly and layered up in fine sheets to create a stronger, more durable frame. This process also ensures absolute minimal wastage of the wood, unlike frames punched out of a machine, from a solid piece of wood. In every area possible we do our best to keep a low carbon footprint making our wooden sunglasses one of the most eco-friendly, sustainable products on the market.

What we truly love is they give back to Endangered Species International. For every pair of Moats purchased, they pay for an endangered tree to be re-planted, and cover the associated labour costs incurred to get the trees from the nursery and back into the Rainforest. How great is that!

Via Moat Eyewear 


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