The Adidas Originals sunglass collection introduces edgy bright-mirrored collections inspired by heritage and a futuristic attitude. All of these collections come in a range of bold colored mirror or polarized lenses, making them the perfect accessory to add that extra “something” to your personal style.

The classic pilot look is reinvented  with eyewear style Liverpool, Atlanta is a squarish yet aviator shape. Both sport the cool, sleek, minimalistic metal look, scaled up and oversized to make a statement. These two styles offer a twist of modernity with a range of vibrantly colored lenses that are sure to stand out.


liverpool - product - ah65 6055

liverpool - product - ah65 6052

liverpool - product - ah65 6051

liverpool - product - ah65 - 6050 silver shiny light blue mirror

atlanta - product - ah64 - 6057 gray matte red mirror

atlanta - product - ah64 6050

atlanta - product - ah64 6051

atlanta - product - ah64 6055

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