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From field training to the most secretive of operations, our military and law enforcement personnel need to keep their eyes healthy. Mother Nature at times can often make things very complicated, and our men and women in uniform are subjected to the effects of weather not only here in the states but overseas as well. Climates and surroundings are very different from place to place and can cause an imperative need for equipment essential to surviving the elements.

If stationed in the Middle East, inevitably, the task of sand removal from just about everything has become yet another personal skill. Within minutes of being outside of your housing structure, your uniform, boots, duffle bag and anything else you have on you, undoubtedly will get filled up with sand. While the sand in the boots or anywhere else may be easily removed, if the particles of sand get into your eyes, it can have an extreme impact on your current task or operation, as well as cause medical ailments regarding your vision. Tactical goggles as well as special operations goggles are a necessity that should never be left out of the tactical bags and cases of our military and law enforcers. Read the full article from Info Barrel here