Sri Lanka, population of 20 Million

Mihiranga is just 9 years old. For more than 3 years, he has been having trouble with his distance vision and suffering headaches. He struggled in class because he could not always see what was written on the chalkboard.

Then just over 12 months ago, he received an eye exam from a newly trained vision technician in Sri Lanka, who discovered he was myopic and that his glasses were the wrong prescription. Now he no longer has headaches and his studies have improved. He was also able to have his glasses replaced when they broke playing with his friends.

Mihiranga is just one of 6,000 people in Sri Lanka’s hill country to have benefited from vision care services now being provided by 4 recently graduated optometric technicians. Almost 4,000 have received customized glasses from new local vision centers and 1,100 have been referred for further treatment. Funds for the project have been provided by Optometry Giving Sight.

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