3D Eyewear From MicroVision
3D Eyewear From MicroVision

One the leading companies in the field of optics and vision correctness, Microvision Optical has announced the launch of an an all new range of sunglasses at the Consumer Electronics Show 2010 (CES), that not only shield your eyes from the sun, but can also be used as 3D glasses for entertainment purposes. With numerous television manufacturers coming out with state of the 3D televisions and satellite networks introducing 3D channels, the all new sunglasses from Microvision could prove to be an all in one inexpensive accessory, complimenting the 3D revolution.

The all new sunglasses have been designed and developed by employing the a high-efficiency polarizer, that has been merged with special optical retarder, that enables the sunglasses to provide crystal clear vision, whether your are in a movie theater or in your well lit living room.

According to David Johnson (David Johnson, President, Microvision Optical),

We believe were the first ones and we have a significant patent portfolio in the lens device so we believe well have a good bit of protection in the market. It decodes the content very clearly, very crisply.”

The company has long dedicated itself towards the development of innovative optical solutions and with the new sunglasses, that would be available in optical stores between a price range of $30 to $40, are sure to be one of the most effective eyewear any consumer can ever ask for.

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