Tura Eyewear was founded in 1938 as “The House of Levoy,” a dispensary on Madison Avenue in New York City. Company founder Monroe Levoy believed that similar to jewelry, eyewear was just one element of a fashion wardrobe. Tura promoted the concept of “wardrobing” eyewear to match color schemes in clothing, and thus the modern concept of fashion eyewear was born.

A few highlights from the latest  Tura designs:
R113 (Eggplant, Brown, and Gunmetal) – Designed for the Intricates collection, this frame showcases Tura’s superior craftsmanship and quality. Made in France, it features lace like details and intricately cut temple patterns with enamel inlay. The end tip with an upward sweeping curve along with soft colors create a flattering feminine design. Lightweight stainless steel provides comfort and flexibility.
R113_GUN R113_BRN R113_EGP

R516 (Plum, Dark Gunmetal, Gold) – Designed for the Simply Tura collection, this frame is timeless yet modern. It features a sophisticated front shape sleek leaf motif temple décor with Swarovski crystals, and rich two-tone metal plating colors. Designed in the USA and made in France.
R516_PLU R516_DGN R516_GLD

TE223 (Gold, Gunmetal, and Rose) – Designed for the Brilliance collection, this frame is for the confident woman who is not afraid to be noticed. The modern front shape and striking zigzag temple décor dazzle with 116 Swarovski crystals. The end tip features an upward sweeping curve, which is very flattering on the face. The Rose color frame has a gradation of crystals creating a beautiful ombre effect, while the Gold and Gunmetal colors are dazzling and trendy.

Etnia 619 Mid Page


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