Charmant Eyewear new models with the DUO temple design, expands the minimalist trend offerings of LineArt. DUO signifies a sophisticated ensemble of two ideals, symbolized by the parallel lines with Swarovski pieces representing contemporary femininity and Excellence Titan for advanced comfort.  The distinctive minimal profile offers an elegant look and incomparable wearing comfort, while the Swarovski accents provide a touch of modern femininity.

In addition Both the XL2061 VO (right) and XL2062 LB (left) – are  positioned as a singular musical note.

This full-rim style features a soft and feminine lens shape which will appeal to all tastes. Available in three colors, there is something for every potential wearer.


This half-rim model provides a classic lens shape with the distinctive DUO profile.

Excellence Titan
It represents the next generation of eyewear and the latest results of the Charmant Group’s continuing and dedicated research and development work. It is a highly flexible material that provides unlimited design options and superior wearing comfort. Completely nickel-free, with outstanding processability and special memory functions that help eyewear maintain the original shape. Our entire eyewear with Excellence Titan offers amazing lightness, a gentle touch with hardly any pressure, while at the same time making an ultramodern fashion statement. A truly momentous experience for the look and feel of a new generation in eyewear.