Nutritional supplements are a multi-billion dollar industry and Eyecare professionals have a role in it. There are specific supplements for dry eye and other ocular needs. We have been sampling products from MedOp, Inc. and really like their formula MaxiTears. Here is some information about them from the MedOp, Inc website:

MedOp, Inc. was founded in 1985 by Dr. Rodney O. Horton, the company is dedicated to developing products for ocular health and overall well-being. MedOp Inc. provides eye care professionals and consumers with an extensive selection of health care products of the highest quality and standards.

MedOp, Inc. produces natural products to help maintain a healthy lifestyle and to help protect against chronic diseases. All supplements are made with natural ingredients of the highest quality. MedOp is committed to offering the best products for optimal health and well-being.

In 1994 Dr. Horton became the company’s sole owner and in early 1997 started developing the MAXIVISION® and MAXIFLEX® product lines. The MAXIVISION® and MAXIFLEX® products are based on medical studies published in peer reviewed medical journals and were designed to help patients with sight-threatening eye diseases, joint conditions and to help prevent chronic diseases. MAXIVISION® was developed to help protect against macular degeneration and help to maintain overall eye health while MAXIFLEX® was developed for joint problems.

MAXIVISION® Nutritional Supplements for Healthy Vision

MedOp’s core business focuses on ocular products for supporting eye health. The MAXIVISION® product line offers a full selection of eye care, multi-nutrient supplements for maintaining ocular health.