Matt Singer x Selima Boutique

Don’t we all wish we could have secret identity or as these eyeglasses suggest – put these eyeglasses on and you too can have a secret non-boring identity! From the Matt Singer Website

Are you a Superhero seeking inconspicuous movement in the civilian world? The Secret Identity Eyeglass Kit is an ideal aid, lends ‘poor vision’ authenticity while providing legitimate fashion cred to any outfit.

Project Selima & Matt have created this exclusive Secret Identity Kit in collaboration with the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. Text on the interior arms read, Project Selima & Matt for 826NYC. Ever Vigilant, Ever True.

Each kit contains a pair of custom eyeglasses and a hard shell case with SECRET IDENTITY debossed onto the exterior and STRIVE TO BE BORING printed on the interior.

The black frames come with clear plastic lenses that can be replaced with prescription or UV sun lenses. Visit your local eyewear professional or Selima Optique to have alternate lenses installed. Size 50mm wide/42mm high/130mm from temple to temple.

Nothing says alter ego like a good pair of eyeglasses. (why hello Clark, I didn’t see you standing there)

All proceeds benefit the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company.