I have been watching all the new ‘Club’ Eyewear  designers come out with some crazy looks to make the scene. The problem with most is you can’t get a prescription in the lenses. The look is a Safety Shield with buttons, studds, spikes, magazines, ribbons, bows glued on to make a fashion forward look.

A-Morir Style Staley

So you want to be ‘in’ get hip with the latest fashions yet wear  your own eyewear and be able to see that cute guy or girl across the room. The Live Eyewear Vistana collection is a quality frame, that can be decorated and worn over your regular eyeglasses, yet gives the Trendier look of the Hip Hop, Club scene.

Live Eyewear- Vistana
Etsy- Wally Boo

For ideas on decorating visit our Wacky Eyewear Listing and to find Vistana Eyewear from Live Eyewear, which is sold throughout the world, contact them at Live Eyewear at 800.834.2563 or visit their website at www.liveeyewear.com.