Whenever we find eyewear companies that are made in the United States, we have to write about them. New Eyewear company, ExoVault started out in the iPhone case business and have morphed into eyewear with an architectural look. Made in a Brooklyn, New York basement, the glasses are machined using aluminum and if you look closely you can see the striation from the machines.




Here is what they say on their website: There are many methods to forming metal into a final shape.  We have chosen the method of milling from solid 6061 aluminum using a cnc machine in our shop in Brooklyn.   All other metal eyeglass frames on the market are cast or bent.

Machining from solid is much stronger than casting, also allowing for a wider range of shapes.  Machining  is a time consuming and expensive process but we strongly believe it creates a superior product.  On the majority of the surface of our Kingsland frames you will see a tight pattern of lines. Each line is the mark of a small tool following the surface of the frame and the finished surface is a combination of those tightly spaced cut paths — over 500,000 on each pair of glasses frames.  We believe that truth in process and materials is beautiful, so  we have chosen not to remove the cut marks. They are a unique and authentic mark of the milling process.

Another great aspect of aluminum is that it is highly recyclable.  73% of aluminum ever produced is still in use.  All the material we cut away is recycled and recycled aluminum requires 5% the energy of mined aluminum.

Kudos to them, eco friendly, fine craftsmanship, a lost art and made in USA!