Lumete Ulula $180

There is a new kid on the block creating some highly unusual feminine  sunwear. Lumete Eyewear based in New York, whom I find a welcome relief. The sunwear sports  shapes with sexy curves and details that definitely demonstrate the sunwear was designed by women for women. Here is what they say on their website:

Based in New York City, Lumete (pronounced ‘lou-met’) is an independent designer eyewear brand for women, by women. Lumete is devoted to creating innovative, fine-quality eyewear and eyewear accessories. Its debut collection of handmade sunglasses combines sculptural detail, symbolic ornamentation and – with an avant-garde edge. Lumete is designed for the confident cosmopolitan woman who seeks unique pieces as a means to express her individuality.

Lumete Treasure Bag, includes eyeglass necklace, case, drawstring bag, microfiber cloth

On a quest to elevate the importance of sunglasses as the ultimate accessory, founders Clara Herrera and Barbara Warren have launched Lumete as a refreshing independent option in a market where designer brands license out their eyewear lines to optical conglomerates. The difference shows in the uniqueness of Lumete designs, the comfortable fitting, and the quality of the materials and craftsmanship.

What I really like is the swag bag giveaway with each pair of eyewear. They call it the ‘Lumete Treasure Bag’, while I call it good marketing. Each piece come with unusual eyeglass case, drawstring gift bag, microfiber cloth to clean your eyewear and best of all an Eyeglass Necklace accessory to hang your sunglasses on.

They are new and are receiving some press and I can definitely see why, the styling is refreshing and not the same-o product you find everyplace. You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. […] Optical Vision Resources posted a wonderful write-up about Lumete today, with a picture of our Ulula in Alabaster and a special emphasis on our Lumete Treasure Bag.  We are so excited to be receiving positive press not only from the fashion world but also from leading optical industry professionals! When it comes to eyewear, the women at Optical Vision Resources have seen it all… so it is definitely flattering when they say that our “styling is refreshing and not the same-o product you find everyplace.” Thank you very much! […]

  2. Gorgeous sunglasses. Definitely something new, different and exciting! I’m in love with the case.

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