San Luis Obispo, CA. – Live Eyewear, renowned for their Cocoons® brand of OveRx® polarized sunwear and low vision aids, lends a helping hand to a non-profit group, Restoring, by donating over 800 polarized clip-ons, valued at over $27,960, in support of the organizations efforts to provide better vision to those in need around the world. is a non-profit which sources Reading Glasses and Sunglasses and supplies them at a nominal charge to two distinct groups; groups going on missions to developing countries and domestic groups serving the underprivileged.  Since their inception in late 2003, they have supplied over 1,200,000 glasses to people around the world.

“Your (Live Eyewear) donation will have a great impact in the lives of those less fortunate around the world. In fact, these glasses will be going on a VOSH mission to Guatemala later this year,” said Mark A. Sachs, Director at Restoring Vision, regarding Live Eyewear’s sunwear donation.

“We’re very excited to be part of such a significant cause.   We are extremely proud to be in a position to help those less fortunate and provide them with protective sunwear that will not only improve their quality of life today, but also help to reduce the chances of UV related eye disorders in the future.  Over exposure to damaging ultra-violet light can greatly increase the potential formation of cataracts, macular degeneration and a host of other visual ailments.

We greatly appreciate the efforts put forth by the Restoring Vision Organization to educate people, both those in developing countries and here at home, regarding the importance of sun protection for your eyes,” comments Dave Dean, Live Eyewear Vice President of Marketing.

Live Eyewear is headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California with sales offices throughout the world.   The company’s renowned OveRx® sunwear brand, Cocoons®, is recognized worldwide and is synonymous with comfort, maximum UV protection and optical grade quality. For more information on the company’s patented sunwear and low vision aids designed to be worn over prescription eyewear, contact Live Eyewear at 800.834.2563 or visit our website