We have been waiting with anticipation for the debut of the Lisa Loeb Eyewear collection. Lisa Loeb, Grammy nominated singer, songwriter, actress and now eyewear. The designs are classic with just the right touch of oomph to set the wearer apart from every other pair of glasses, yet wearable for all occasions.

Diamonds in color Black/ Cotton Candy
Firecracker in Black Ocean Blue
Lucky Me in Creamsicle

I have always liked the layered plastic look with the alternate color layered behind the front. It is flattering to most women, bringing out subtle skin tones and enhancing eye colors. With so many women wearing black, it makes a good accessory look for both shoes and purses yet picking up accent colors in clothing… Something to sing about!

Lisa Loeb eyewear is distributed by Classique Eyewear and is sold through eyecare professionals.