In the latest issue of Wallpaper Magazine that just hit the streets – Wallpaper “is dispensing the design world’s highest honors to the truly deserving, and cookie-crumbling disappointment to everyone else.” LINDBERG is very proud to have won the award within the category of: “Best Technique” with their LINDBERG Horn glasses.


The magazine is considered the world’s number one global destination, championing the best in architecture, interiors, fashion, art and contemporary design. The celebration took place at Bonham’s auction House in London on Thursday January 15th with some of the most creative influencers in the business.


BEST TECHNIQUE; Buffalo horn glasses, by LINDBERG

The long and short of sight have been sporting horn-rimmed specs since the 16th century. However, most opticians have long since abandoned actual horn in favour of more easily tamed replica materials. Three years ago, Danish spectacle maker LINDBERG, always up for a challenge, took on the task of bending, or rather, unbending genuine horn to its will and minimalist aesthetic.


The company uses specially treated laminated strips of buffalo horn, bonded with its secret recipe glue. And, in the latest collection, LINDBERG has matched it with a titanium nose bridge, temples and hinges to create specs that offer horn’s unique glow and colouration but with unprecedented lightness, sleekness and comfort. Proper horny.