An exclusive limited edition project for Rye&Lye. Rye&Lye is presenting an exclusive capsule collection: three unique models that feature an exquisite Murano glass insert on the temples.
lavorazione vetro 01

occhiale_defThe history of *Murano glass* has represented the quintessence of Italian taste and refinement for centuries: it is an artistic tradition whose origins have been handed down from one generation to the next for over one thousand years. *Murano’s master glass makers have elevated the inimitable characteristics of glass to the very highest levels*, using their skill to showcase its quality, dazzling colours, purity and transparency. *Today
these characteristics have been combined with the unique design of the new Rye&Lye collection*. Glasses are increasingly becoming artistic objects: *the materials used for the inserts and the glass pendant are all produced by master Italian glass makers that certify their authenticity*. Each piece conveys both the strength and the delicacy of the craftsmen.
R&L scatola_bassa
*Torcello, Rialto *and *Cannaregio* are the names chosen for the models: three women’s frame’s produced in a *limited edition of just 600 pieces each*. The unique nature of this project is underscored by its exclusive packaging. The purposely-designed box is like a small treasure chest containing the *glasses*. These *are in turn in a leather case along with a pendant* to be worn around the neck, *made of the very same Murano glass as the type used for the temple insert*. The forms are extremely feminine and
eye-catching, but never excessive. There are 3 colour variants for each model. Venice to Wear: *exquisite, exclusive and trend-setting eyewear*. A must-have by Rye&Lye.

torcello c2

The Rye&Lye collection is produced by Immagine 98.