Mountains, trees, greenery and nature in general provide the surroundings in which the WooDone team live and work every day: a spectacular setting, an open-air laboratory providing endless inspiration.


This is where WooDone eyewear was first created and it is here that the brand amazes us yet again by presenting an incredibly innovative concept: eyewear models covered with leaves, those of the Wych Elm (ulmus glabra). And ULMUS is the name given to this special edition. The project does not consist in a new eyewear model but a special treatment, a finish that can be applied to any model in the collection.


The creative team and manufacturing staff took twelve whole months to identify a tree with suitable leaves. Nothing, in fact, has been left to chance. On the creative front, the first obstacle to surmount was that of finding leaves with sufficiently impacting and clearly visible veins. The manufacturing experts, on the other hand, had to come up with the ideal solution for applying the leaf to the frame without interrupting the pattern traced by the veins and preserving their charm intact.


It was therefore decided to use the underside of the leaf, where the veins are more prominent, in order to highlight its beauty. A natural glue was chosen to apply the leaf to the eyewear and, likewise, a natural lacquer finish is used to prevent the leaf from drying and changing colour.  The veins of the leaf, whose pattern is uninterrupted from the temple pieces to the frame front, are enhanced by a lacquer finish. The resulting eyewear is truly one of a kind since no leaf can be identical to another.

As for most of the manufacturing processes used in the making of WooDone eyewear, this one is also hand-executed by highly skilled local craftsmen who apply the leaf to the wood surface with great care in order to prevent it from ripping.

Four hours of painstaking work are needed to achieve the final result: a truly impeccable and natural effect.

Of high quality and extremely lightweight, WooDone frames are made entirely from wood (apart from their spring hinges produced in a special alloy) using materials from South Tyrol-certified trees:  Acacia, Cherry, Walnut and dark Ash are the wood species chosen for this purpose.

Each frame – made from a single piece of wood – is meticulously hand-made. A special lacquer finish ensures that it is easy to clean, non-allergenic and weatherized.