Super x WESC

Super Optical (Retro Super) and WeSC (We Are the Superlative Conspiracy) collaborated on this limited edition eyewear collection. Only 500 pieces will be produced. Flat top, black mirrored Zeiss Lenses

From their BlogL The shades originated from the union of the two dynamic brands, resulting in a totally new shape designed on purpose for the Swedish brand: it’s retrò & modern, classic & streety at the same time.

All the details are in gold color like the metal decorum on the side that when opened reveals the WeSC logo. The shades comes with black mirrored lenses mounted, but also include a case containing a second set of rock hard pure black lenses. The shades are produced in a limited quantity of 500 pieces.

Cuddle your eyes with Zeiss lenses and this special WeSC design