Liberty Sport: Image: Copyright LJ Moskowitz

F8 Street Series, the top selling F803 Sports Protective frame series launches a new design. The collection was originally launched by Liberty Sport in 2010 with six (6) authentic designs inspired by a fusion of sports performance and street art. Over the years a number of designs have been integrated into the assortment but the launch of the newest style known as the Neon Tag brings the collection to thirteen available styles.

Liberty Sport: Image: Copyright LJ Moskowitz
Image Credit: Liberty Sport, LJ Moskowitz

Children/Teens like to wear gear that makes a statement and eye protection is needed during any type of sport,” says Michelle Mesonero, Product Manager for Liberty Sport. “We have successfully designed a collection that is fun to wear during organized or extreme sports and even as a lifestyle frame which we believe this new design truly speaks to. Parents will pay a little more for gear that their children truly enjoy wearing.”

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Liberty Sport, the leading manufacturer and distributor of sports protective and sun performance eyewear functioning as the Complete Rx Sport Vision Resource, is extraordinarily proud to celebrate its 86th year servicing the optical industry in 2015.