Liberty Rider Dry Eye in Burnt

Liberty Sport is proud to announce its new Rider Dry Eye MagTraxion™ frame, specifically designed to alleviate the symptoms of Dry Eye sufferers.

Dry Eyes (Keratoconjunctivitis sicca) affects millions of people world wide, and is aggravated by windy or dry environments.  Liberty Sport’s new Dry Eye (DE) back cushion with MagTraxion™ technology helps to minimize the irritating symptoms of Dry Eye by blocking wind from encountering the eye’s natural tear film and by trapping moist air in front of the cornea. “We developed a soft back cushion that molds to the user’s face, creating a goggle effect to block out the elements” states Carmine DiChiara, VP of Product Development, “and decided to launch this concept on one of our more popular styles; the Rider.  A second style is in development to launch fall 2010, so that we can provide relief in a variety of fashionable sports sunglasses.”

The President of Liberty Sport, Anthony DiChiara, further comments “I continue to challenge my product team to make sure there is an element of protection throughout all our sun performance frames.  When our market research team reported the prevalence of Dry Eyes and the need for performance suns to counter the symptoms, we immediately saw a solution through our MagTraxion™ technology.  The MagTraxion™ technology allows the consumer to wear the Dry Eye back cushion when the condition is prevalent, such as windy or overly dry days, and easily remove it, or use the regular back cushion (sold separately), when the condition does not exist.”

MagTraxion Technology™  by Liberty Sport is a technologically unique magnetic system combining skillful engineering and contemporary styling.  It utilizes magnets located in the eyerim and in the eyecup to allow quick removal and interchange of the back padding.  In a snap, you can go from a fashion sunglass to a high performance sun protection frame with additional padding.  It’s like getting two sunglasses for the price of one!

To support the Eye Care Professional in selling this category, Liberty Sport developed a compact three piece display that is complimentary with the purchase of an introductory three piece Rider Dry Eye sunglasses assortment.


Liberty Sport Performance Suns are all Rx’able and available at leading independent eye care professionals and leading optical chains.  To get more information and the complete assortment of protective sport eyewear and performance sunwear from Liberty Sport, visit