Lee Allen Triad-

It seems that the latest optical trend is for limited edition custom handmade eyewear. The latest entry is Lee Allen Eyewear out of Falls River, MA, who  not only design their eyewear but will make eyewear to a wearers’ specifications. Optical shops can also have their own collection designed for them as well.

The eyewear is made from materials such as wood and recycled hardware, aluminum, zyl acetate, buffalo horn and bamboo. The Triad features 3 fronts with eyeglass fronts used as temples and an interesting concept with a lens as a sunglass shield.

Lee Allen Claude, Eco Friendly Eyewear

Using recycled materials in the hardware puts Lee Allen into an Eco Eyewear category.  Claude is made with recycled hardware, (bridge and hinges) and recycled bamboo temples. Lenses can be made in any shape.

The C Mac is made from aluminum. I have always liked Aluminum frames, not the easiest to work with on the optical side, but a strong material that wears well. The C Mall is a sporty look for me or women with it’s own air conditioned side pieces.

Lee Allen Aluminum Eyewear

All in all, a small boutique eyewear collection for discriminating people.

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