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You’ve heard of reading glasses, maybe even driving glasses, but how about computer glasses? Many of us spend eight hours a day, if not more, staring at a computer screen, so it really does makes sense to have glasses dedicated to the job.

Watching too much TV may give you square eyes, but sitting at a desk looking at a computer all day can give Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or digital eye strain, which are far more real than TV’s square eye syndrome. Typical symptoms include blurred vision, headaches, and eye strain. To combat the symptoms you can adapt your computer ergonomics, look away from your screen every few minutes and ensure you’re in an environment with good lighting, but a pair of dedicated glasses is often the best solution and only true solution.

If you have any of the symptoms, get your eyes tested and update your prescription if necessary. Even small inaccuracies in your prescription can contribute to problems using a screen for prolonged periods. For many people, making small adjustments to their working environment and ensuring their prescription is correct can be enough, but why suffer with good enough? The problem with using an everyday pair of glasses for computer work is that typical use of a computer screen is about 20 to 26 inches from the user’s eyes, and therefore neither near – like those used for reading – nor far/distance – like those used for driving.

Getting dedicated glasses may seem extravagant, but I for one struggle to read text on a screen (I have a prism which no doubt adds to the problem). Although the difference between my computer glasses and my everyday ones may seem small if I’m only checking my email for two minutes, after a day looking at my screen boy do I notice the difference. In fact, I didn’t notice my reds eyes before I made the switch!

I took and old frame and gave it a go. My lenses are identityPRO(tm) in Resolution(tm) poly with iBlu(tm) and worth every penny. Although it took me a good week to get used to the lenses, the anti-glare is priceless and now I never take them off (while I am at my computer that is).

When considering computer glasses, if the gift of sight is not enough to convince you, get them for vanity! Despite the obvious cost of having to up-date two pairs of glasses/prescriptions, tired red eyes are enough of a reason to keep me a multi-glasses person!

Charlotte Platzer is a writer and marketer and lives in the UK.