The new La Matta collection is a kaleidoscope of light, colour and pattern. The unmistakeable Area98 brand is aimed at eclectic, explosive and adult women who love to push the boundaries by exploring their femininity and experimenting with style excess.

Animal patterns feature in both natural and unusual tones, merging with extremely feminine shaping to create a range of stunning seductive eyewear. The cherry on the cake is the use of exclusive acetates and decorations inspired by the world of goldsmithing, details which transform each pair into a sparkling jewel.

This is certainly true of the LM3212 model. The perfect way to enhance your gaze, it features elegant decorations in metal and leather which evoke the interlinking patterns of a necklace. This brings a touch of light to the frames, reflecting the shading of the front section and temples, both of which are finished in animal-print acetate and are available in a special glitter version. 

LM 3212

The LM3213 model, meanwhile, features three tiny coloured gems with gold or silver profiling to match the hinges.

The decoration of models LM3214 and LM3220 are inspired by the natural world, providing the perfect accompaniment to the animal-print acetates used for the front sections and temples. The LM3214 model features flashes of light in the shape of colours blocks or contrast sections and evokes exotic marine landscapes, while the LM3220 model includes a gem inserted within a metal decoration in gold or silver, evoking the scales of a snake.

LM 3214

LM 3220

Via Area98 


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