KYME’s wave of creativity flies over the time and the seasons. The eyewear brand with contemporary vintage DNA presents an amusing all-season
pocket size capsule collection. This capsule revisits some iconic shapes of
the eyewear’s history, in resized version: the “KY-MINI” collection recalls
the typical vintage style of 1968. The ‘68 is the revolutionary year to which the brand is inspired for this season. MINI like the skirts launched bAndré Courrèges and Mary Quant during those years and consecrated by fashion icons like Twiggy and Bridgitte Bardot.

6 pocket-size styles realized in 7 funny colors combination, cool and
never dull in the wave of philosophy that eyewear is an accessory that
must not go unnoticed.Hexagonal, round, oval, pantos, rectangular, rhomboid, the Ky-mini collection is perfect to characterize with a touch of personality both summer and winter with acetate bondings between crystals and havana colors,
opaline and full colors, gold details and customizations. In addition to this,
the capsule collection presents unfailing vintage details reinterpreted in
a distinctly contemporary key.

For more information on KYME sunglasses, click here.

Etnia 619 Mid Page


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